Our eyes require the finest care since they are vital organs. Ophthalmologists with a high level of specialization practice at Promed Hospitals. Our patients receive sophisticated therapies and essential care from us. We have a dedicated eye care team made up of eye professionals who collaborate with other specialists including endocrinologists, neurologists, oncologists, etc. to provide professional assessment, treatment, and management of various disorders impacting the functioning of your eyes.

Ophthalmology is a procedure used as therapy for a variety of eye disorders, such as glaucoma, cataracts, and macular degeneration. Our specialty has always been providing the best possible eye care, both in terms of technology and therapy.


The eye doctors in the Promed Hospitals team are excellent. We choose high-end therapies to help patients with eyesight issues. Our staff made every attempt to treat the following conditions:

  • Refractive errors
  • Age-related Macular Degeneration Cataract
  • Diabetes-related eye disease
  • Chronic diseases
  • Inflammation of the optic nerve
  • Difficulties with eye alignment
  • Issues with pink eyes, dry eyes, and lazy eyes


The best attention is given to eye treatment at Promed Hospitals. We are trained eye doctors that provide modern care to our patients so they can see clearly.

The therapies like those described here aid our patients.

  • Ambulatory Consultation
  • Complete Eye Examination
  • Emergency Ophthalmology and Trauma
  • IOL and cataract screening
  • Keratoplasties for the cornea
  • Glaucoma examinations and operations
  • Medical and Surgical Treatment for Detached Retinas
  • Refractory conditions
  • Uveal conditions
  • Strabismus & Squints
  • Service for contact lenses
  • Children's ophthalmology
  • Diabetic eye examination ROP examination (retinopathy of prematurity)
  • Dacryocystorhinostomy and cryo cystectomy
  • Macular aging and degeneration (AMD)
  • An eye infection (Uveitis)


Promed hospital is a Top multispecialty hospital that works tirelessly to treat our patients' various illnesses. To help our patients recover quickly, our professionals undertake every type of therapy with the utmost care. The benefits of ophthalmology include:

  • Decrease in visual disturbances
  • Proper evaluation of any eye problems
  • Cure persistent eye conditions
  • Trauma and injury diagnosis
  • Myopia and hyperopia correction
  • Increasing your vision

Risk Factors

The surgeries are necessary for the eyes due to a number of risk factors. Old age, inherited issues, excessive use of mobile devices and computers, accidents, medications, an unhealthy lifestyle, or a lack of nourishment can all cause eyes to gradually lose their capacity to see. The trained staff at Promed Hospitals provides its patients with the best treatment possible while undergoing surgery. There are several risk factors that should be taken into account even after good treatment.

  • Bleeding and infections
  • Lessen visibility in some cases
  • Discomforts after the surgeries
  • Risk of glaucoma
  • Long-term visual problems


Promed Hospitals take utmost care of our patients with all our advanced facilities. Our experts give the best suggestions to our patients for their fast recovery. The following measure that has to be considered are:

  • Regular eye checkup
  • Proper medication as prescribed
  • Clean eyeglass regularly
  • Do not wash your eyes with harsh soap
  • Avoid seeing bright lights
  • Avoid stress activities
  • Take an appropriate rest as suggested by experts

Promed Hospital’s ophthalmology department, which is outfitted with modern operating rooms and advanced eye care technology, provides treatment for a variety of eye conditions. Providing high-quality, affordable eye care is our goal.