The Nephrology department at Promed Hospital is run by a dedicated team of healthcare professionals and nephrology specialists, who strive to provide the highest standard of care and support to all our patients dealing with kidney diseases. With various facilities and expertise, we have an eminent team of nephrologists, urologists, kidney transplant specialists, interventional radiologists, highly trained nurses and staff, etc., ready to face the challenges during life saving procedures. From newborn to elderly patients, we provide the best kidney and renal care with the help and support from the Urology unit of our hospital.

Our specialists, with the help of other experts and specialists, provide the most advanced and innovative treatment techniques, always giving their best to create a suitable environment for renal patients.

We evaluate, manage, as well as treat a wide range of medical complications and conditions such as:

  • Diabetes
  • Chronic kidney disease
  • Kidney and bladder stones
  • Kidney infections
  • Kidney cysts
  • Kidney injury
  • Renal tubular disease
  • Glomerular disorders
  • Renal vascular diseases
  • Acute/chronic renal failures
  • Urine abnormalities
  • Nephrotic syndrome
  • Acid-base imbalances
  • Tubulointerstitial diseases
  • Drugs/toxins’ effect on kidneys
  • Kidney, urethra or bladder cancer
  • Autoimmune disorders (lupus nephritis and vasculitis)
  • End-Stage Kidney Disease
  • Kidney Stones
  • Kidney Transplant
  • Electrolyte and acid-base disturbances
  • Intrinsic kidney diseases- diabetic nephropathy, hypertensive kidney disease, glomerulonephritis, chronic pyelonephritis
  • Proteinuria (protein in the urine)
  • Haematuria (blood in the urine)
  • Anaemia related to kidney disease
  • Bone disease related to kidney disease
  • Fluid and electrolyte disorders.

Not just diagnosis and treatment, our experts provide diet and lifestyle tips as well; for an effective and speedy recovery.