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When it comes to health, trust Promed.

Our mission is to provide world class healthcare in a patient centric approach at affordable prices.

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10+ Years Experience

We keep patients experience as our central focus.

Welcome to Promed hospital

We pride ourselves in providing well trained and experienced physicians in combination with courteous staff and state of the art infrastructure.

  • A patient’s time is as precious as anybody else’s. We work hard to minimize delays.
  • We share complete information with patient and their families and align decisions as per need.
  • Patient’s privacy and respect will always be maintained.
  • Building trust and ensuring patient safety, quality are our topmost priorities.
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Delivering trustworthy & ethical medical care.


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About Our Services

Promed is a multispecialty hospital with a focus on delivering trustworthy and ethical medical care. We pride ourselves in providing well trained and experienced physicians in combination with courteous staff and state of the art infrastructure. Promed is one of its kind preventive healthcare hospital, wellness and rehab centre with multispecialty diagnostic facilities.


We diagnose and treat every health condition at our locality with sophisticated equipments & best in class doctors.

Diagnostic Services

Promed offers a wide range of basic and advanced diagnostic services. Methods used are the best practices in their respective domains.

Home Care

Promed’s home health services include at-home physician and nurse services, lab sample collection, home delivery of medicines, home physiotherapy.

Health Check Packages

For the first time in India, we introduce personalized health checks in its..


Promed Hospital is equipped with an in-house pharmacy [Suggested PH has a well-stocked pharmacy for all medical supplies]

Corporate Services

Corporates face a big challenge in keeping their employees healthy. Our Wellness and Rehab Centre along with our preventive health checks make us your perfect choice.

Why Choose Us?

Shorter stay, faster recovery & better care.

Promed is one of the best multispeciality and preventive health care hospital. We focus on health, not just disease! Our general medicine physicians, pediatricians, general practioniers and OB/GYN physicians work with our super specialists in providing complete healthcare solutions to our patients.

  • Specialities
  • 24/7 Emergency & Critical Care
  • 24/7 Ambulance Service
  • 24/7 Pharmacy
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Meet Our Promed Management Team

Chennai's most trusted cardiac care!

The Cardiology department at Promed is equipped with the latest innovations in cardiac care. Our cardiologists give patients of all ages the best care possible. They are well trained and deal with the entire spectrum of cardiac issues including common heart problems such as angina, heart attacks, heart failure, valve problems, arrhythmias, pacemaker issues etc.

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"Preventive Health Screening"

Clinical tests to assess your health

Promed hospital offer a range of preventive health checks in a “mix and match” array which helps to truly personalize health checks.

  • Basic Health Check Packages
  • Special Add-on Packages
  • Executive Packages
  • Senior Citizen Packages
  • Men & Women Packages

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