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Promed Cardiology In Association with Cleveland Cardiac Care (C3)

South Asians develop coronary artery disease up to 10 years earlier than other ethnic groups and have a four times greater risk of heart disease than the general population.

More than half of all South Asians who suffer heart attacks get them before age 50.

Promed Hospital, the best cardiology hospital in Chennai is equipped with the latest innovations in cardiac care. Our cardiologists give patients of all ages the best care possible. They are well-trained and deal with the entire spectrum of cardiac issues including common heart problems such as angina, heart attacks, heart failure, valve problems, arrhythmias, pacemaker issues etc. The Cardiology department is equipped with ECG, ECHO, Treadmill test, Holter monitoring, ABI measurement, Carotid dopplers etc.

Please see the vascular surgery and cardiac rehab / preventive cardiology departments for other details.

Cardiology Services that we offer

Please see the vascular surgery and cardiac rehab / preventive cardiology departments for other details.

Cath Lab for angiogram and angioplasty

Promed, the best cardiac hospital in Chennai has a world-class Cath-Lab facility. Our catheterization lab (cath lab) is equipped with the latest state-of-the-art Philips Azurion Clarity 7C12 with flexvision and emits ultra-low-level X-ray doses. The cath lab is equipped for doing coronary angiograms, angioplasties, complex angioplasties, CTO angioplasties, Temporary and permanent pacemaker implantation, Automatic Implantable Cardioverter Defibrillators (AICD), Intra atrial septal defect (ASD) device closure, ventricular septal defect (VSD) device closure, Coarctation stenting, Balloon Mitral Valvotomy (BMV/PTMC), Aortic valvuloplasties, Transcatheter aortic valve implantation (TAVI) and peripheral angioplasties.

Cath Lab

Holter Test:

The Holter test is a 24-hour ECG which records the patient’s heart rate and electrical activity. It is done in patients with h/o palpitation and suspected slow/fast heartbeat. It helps in identifying irregular heartbeats, fast heartbeats, and slow heartbeats and aids in treating the patient with a pacemaker, EPS and RFA. Promed Hospital is one of the best heart hospitals in Chennai, delivering the Holter test to treat cardiac patients.

2D Echocardiogram [Echo]:

Is a basic essential test in diagnosing heart disease. An echocardiogram uses sound waves to produce images of your heart. It is a scan of the heart. It is a safe and painless procedure that uses a transducer. It helps in diagnosing heart attacks, percentage of Heart pumping, Congenital anomalies of the heart (ASD, VSD, CoA), Valvular abnormalities (MS, MR, AS, AR, PAH)

Treadmill Test TMT:

A stress test, also known as an exercise test or treadmill test, is used by doctors to find out how well a patient's heart works during physical activity. It helps in identifying underlying heart disease and irregular heartbeats. It is a good screening test to find out underlying heart disease. Promed Hospital is equipped with two state-of-the-art TMT machines.

Electrocardiogram [ECG]:

At the heart hospital in Chennai, Promed has ECG, a basic test for diagnosing heart disease. It looks at your heart’s rate, rhythm and electrical activity. It helps in diagnosing heart attacks, a ‘silent’ heart attack, irregular heartbeat (an arrhythmia), problems with the spread of electrical activity within the heart and an enlarged heart.

About Dr. Arun Kalyanasundaram

Dr Arun Kalyanasundaram is a renowned leader in the domain of Chronic Total Occlusion Interventions in the United States and the rest of the world.

He has successfully performed thousands of highly complex procedures in the US and Asia with an impeccable safety record. He has completed his MBBS from Madras Medical College, India. And, today he is a part of many reputed institutes such as the University of Maryland, Maryland, USA, Geisinger Medical Center, Pennsylvania, USA, and Cleveland Clinic, Ohio, USA.

Presently, he is the chief of Cardiology at Promed Hospital and the best cardiologist in Chennai. He also serves as Honorary Director, Interventional Cardiology at Fortis Escorts Heart Institute, New Delhi, and heads the CTO PCI program there. Besides, he has also instituted the CHIP-CTO INDIA [COMPLEX HIGH RISK INDICATED PATIENTS (CHIP) – CHRONIC TOTAL OCCLUSION (CTO)] conference along with a few leaders in interventional cardiology in India, to help teach cardiologists how to deal with complex coronary interventions.

Dr. Arun Kalyanasundaram

Chief cardiologist, Promed hospital

About Promed Hospital

Promed is a multispeciality hospital & diagnostic center with a focus on delivering trustworthy and ethical medical care. We pride ourselves in providing well-trained and experienced physicians in combination with courteous staff and state-of-the-art infrastructure.

Promed’s Patient Centric Approach – What does this mean?

  • Our patient’s medical experience is our central goal!
  • Patient’s dignity and respect are always maintained.
  • Our patients are kept well informed. We try to answer their questions as best as possible.
  • A patient’s time is as precious as anybody else’s.
  • Patient feedback is a way for us to improve our patient safety and quality measures.


Letter from Our Chief cardiologist

Dear Patient / Family Member,

Cleveland Cardiac Care (C3) is inspired by the Cleveland Clinic, where I got trained. It is an endeavor to create a system that offers our patients world-class, appropriate, and tailored medical care, regardless of geographical location, social status, and economic ability.

As an entity, I guarantee to value your time and convenience. And, as part of the C3 family, you will experience stress-free, immediate and personalized care with compassion and respect. Whatever your cardiac needs, you can rest easy, as our team of professionals is always available to you with cutting-edge technology, vast knowledge and years of experience. I’m committed to offering the highest quality of cardiac care and services that will create long-lasting relationships with my patients. The care will be comprehensive and encompass everything from prevention to the most advanced curative techniques in cardiology.

Thank you for your time


Dr. Arun Kalyanasundaram, MPH, MD (ABIM) FACC, FSCAI, Intvl.Card (USA)
Chief cardiologist, Promed hospital

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At Promed Hospital, we work hard to make sure our patients and their families are the happiest they can ever be. Please have a look at what our patients have to say about Dr Arun Kalyanasundaram. These testimonials mean the world to us. We, along with our entire team, are really grateful to receive such positive feedback. Thank you all for your continued support. We are always here for you.

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