What is physiotherapy?

Physiotherapy is a treatment of disease, injury or deformity through exercise, manual therapy, education and electrical modalities rather than usage of drugs or performing surgery.

Do I need a referral for physiotherapy?

A patient can undergo physiotherapy with or without referral.

When do I need to consult a physiotherapist?

Patients benefit from physiotherapy for below conditions (not a complete list)

    • During pain
    • Muscle weakness or tightness
    • Prior to sports events
    • To maintain fitness
    • Improve flexibility
    • Follow up of stroke
    • Post-cardiac surgery
    • Post-surgical conditions
    • Post injury

Research states that evidence based physiotherapy is useful in increasing strength, mobility, flexibility and in maintaining a better lifestyle.

Physiotherapy treatments should be individualized to each patient based on the medical condition being treated and the patient’s individual fitness level. Healing takes time and is based on the physiotherapist’s expertise as well as the patient’s efforts. During the course of physiotherapy, the physiotherapist assesses the patient and tracks their treatment progression by assessing the following factors:

        • Pain
        • Strength
        • Mobility
        • Endurance
        • Ability to perform activity

During the first visit the assigned therapist collects information about the illness, injury, grade of injury and based on these assessments comes up with an individualized treatment protocol.

Pre-treatment session involves:

        • Assessing the mobility, strength, gait, deformity and endurance
        • Diagnosing the disease, illness and grade of illness
        • Preparing a treatment protocol according to the individual’s needs
        • Demonstrating the exercise protocol, electrotherapy if required, measures to decrease pain.
        • Demonstrating and advising a home exercise program and lifestyle modifications if required

In the consecutive sessions, patient’s treatment and improvements are recorded and treatment is modified as needed.

Total numbers of sessions are decided by the physiotherapist after discussing with the multidisciplinary team. Number of sessions depends on the level of illness, disease, patient participation and baseline fitness level of the patient.

Physiotherapy is an individualistic approach but in a few conditions involves a multidisciplinary team.

        • Promed is a multispeciality clinic and diagnostic centre which provides easy access to all the specialties under one roof. Due to this, the physiotherapist is able to work in close conjunction with the referring doctor.
        • Promed is equipped with the latest and up to date modern modalities which have shown to improve a patient’s injury and decrease pain levels.
        • We work on an appointment basis. This helps prevent waiting times for the patient. However, our physiotherapists are very flexible and accommodate a patient’s need as and when needed.
        • Along with electrotherapy, importance is given to exercise therapy and kinesiology taping as well. Combination of modalities, that are evidence based, help in faster healing.
        • Importance is given to counseling the patient pre and post treatment for better results and improvement.
        • Pain
        • Orthopedic
        • Pediatric
        • Spine
        • Genetic
        • Geriatric
        • Cardiac
        • Neurological
        • Varicose vein
        • Sports
        • Pulmonary
        • Women’s health
        • Hand
        • Home health
        • Clinical electrophysiology
        • Oncology
        • Post injury
        • Traumatic

Physiotherapy services offered at Promed :

        • IFT
        • US
        • TENS
        • Electrical stimulation
        • Wax therapy
        • Hydrotherapy
        • Exercise therapy
        • Kinesiology taping

Our Doctors

Activities and Awards
Ms. HemalathaMPT, PGDDT, MIAP, MRCI Pediatrics
Pain management
Cardio Rehab
Ms. Priyadarshini KirthivasanBPS, PG Dip Physiotherapy ----
Ms. Sangeetha MPTSpecialization in Cardio Respiratory diseases
  • Physiotherapy programs, Fitness solutions, Ergonomic sessions for employees, Non invasive Rehabilitation programs, peripheral joint mobilization

  • Well versed in traction, cold packs and electrical treatments
  • Workshops & Training on Cardiopulmonary Physiotherapy, Stroke rehabilitation, prenatal and post natal physiotherapy, Osteopathic and fascia manipulation, dynamic taping level 1 and level 2, cupping Therapy, Mulligan technique, basics of ECG
  • CME on Facilitation techniques for development of motor functions in children
  • Attended Inter Physiotherapist meet at Trinity Mission and Medical foundation, Madurai

Clinical therapist cum Clinical Instructor & Intern Instructor at various organizations; Certified Dry needler.

  • Oxymed Hospitals Pvt Ltd
  • Bharath Hospital, Salem
  • Transform Fitness in Alwarpet
  • Consultant physiotherapist at Infosys Pvt Ltd
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