Letter From MD

Dear Patient / Family Member,

The situation of current healthcare in our country is far from ideal – care is often fragmented and costly. A patient goes from one physician to another to figure out his or her medical issues and later is often forced to put together the various pieces of the puzzle. Lack of a coordinated approach results in an inordinate number of tests to be ordered, with nobody looking at the overall patient’s health and well-being.

With Promed hospital, we bring back the concept of family medicine and primary care who work in close conjunction with our specialists- A one-stop for all healthcare. We have recently changed our name to reflect our commitment to the clinic’s philosophy – Promed – We are “pro” patients and “pro” evidence-based medicine.

In India, the advantages that modern service industries have enjoyed because of globalization and technological advancement, have not been utilized to deliver honest, caring healthcare solutions. These ought to combine the amenities and automation of this age, with the familiar care that a family doctor used to provide.

Having trained at some of the best institutions globally and worked at world class hospitals such as Cleveland Clinic (USA), Virgina Mason (Seattle, USA) and Geisinger Health System (USA), I believe that patients in our city and country deserve the same standard of evidence-based and respectful care that patients have come to expect in the very best institutions

We bring an expert team of physicians and staff with the right adjunct lab and imaging facilities under one umbrella. Promed promises to look at our patient as a whole and partner with him/her for better health.

Finally, I would like to introduce our truly personalized health checks. Screening tests for any patient are tailored based on age, gender, lifestyle, past and family medical history and should not solely be based on the cost. With our comprehensive questionnaire and well trained staff, we recommend healthchecks that suit you as an individual – based on your health rather than how fat your wallet is!

Thank you for your time,

Dr. Spoorthi Arun, MD (ABIM), FACP
Internal Medicine Physician
Managing Director, Promed hospital
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