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Tips to stay positive amidst coronavirus

Staying positive during this COVID-19 crisis may seem extremely challenging. Given the social lifestyle of almost all of us, having ourselves locked within our homes have left us wondering what to do. All these normal things worsen if you are someone having medical conditions, such as diabetes, high/ low blood pressure, heart patient, old age, weakened immune system, someone suffering from depression/ anxiety, etc. That is why we at the best multispecialty hospital in Chennai have come up with certain tips to improve your overall wellness while you are locked inside your home.

Think of the time when you used to crave for that ‘extra hour’, that ‘extra sleep’, that ‘extra day’? Remember how badly we wanted them and imagined all sorts of things that could be done in those time? Now think of the situation at present! We are not saying everything happening around is happening for good but at least try be positive and make them turn good to you. Now is the perfect time to get some proper sleep and rest. Detox your mind and body within. While grab the opportunity to sleep anytime in between the day, make sure you stick to a consistent sleep schedule at night. Because each one of our body has a biological clock, named circadian rhythm, which controls our whole sleep mechanism. It also determines how sleepy or refreshed we feel which further impacts our mood and emotions.

Be it exercise or meditation or yoga or whatsoever, just make sure you are indulging in any one of it. This helps with lowering your blood pressure, heart rate, reduces stress and also gives some stability and mental clarity.

While we are all busy looking after each other, don’t forget to take care of your own selves. You should be your prime priority. Whatever is happening around us may already cause an overwhelming pressure/ burden. Make sure you only do something what makes you feel good. Cook your favourite food, watch your favorite movie/ series, take a bath full of essential oils, practice little bit of stretches, listen to soothing music, play an instrument, read your favourite book, etc.

Wanted to visit a particular place/ event but unable to due to this lockdown? While you definitely cannot visit them physically, thanks to the internet service, you can definitely have a virtual experience through your phone! Try having a tour to your favorite places, online exhibitions, zoo, aquarium, waterfalls, and whatnot. This is the perfect time to gather some knowledge about them as well.

Not just physical exercises, exercising your mind is equally important for your mental health. Try indulging in learning a new language or a new skill, attend free online classes or workshops, work your mind in art and crafts, whatever may it be, just make sure the particular thing interests you and keeps you engaged throughout.

Get in touch with your loved and closed ones. Staying connected through your friends and family by means of phone/ video calls, content messages and social media can keep you less worried and hopeful. Also, doing this will progress your mental well-being and can also relieve your stress.

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