Make full-body health checkup your priority after COVID-19 shutdown

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Suffering from fever/flu and other such illnesses?
Experiencing a new problem/condition?
Want to have follow up care due to chronic disease?

There may be numerous reasons behind all of us meeting a doctor. But the fact is, we all tend to visit a doctor only when we are unwell or fail to fix our problem with over-the-counter prescriptions. After coronavirus pandemic, it became need of the hour to go through full body health checkup.

Let’s have a look at why health checkups are essential through this blog

Dr. Spoorthi Arun, Internal Medicine Physician and Managing Director at Promed Hospital explains that there are proactive steps you can take against the coronavirus by boosting your immune system.

Q- What is a full body health checkup?

A:full body checkup in Chennai is usually a yearly routine visit to your doctor done generally to have an assessment of your health. It is both the easiest as well as an essential step to prevent more significant health issues. It makes it easier for the doctor to evaluate your state of wellbeing and diagnose any potential problems accordingly to cure them in their initial stage itself. Some conditions remain so subtle that they might not even show their signs and symptoms until they reach the final stages. That is why it is vital for a regular checkup, especially if we lead a kind of lifestyle, which can make us prone to risks.

Q-Why does one need health checkups after COVID-19 shutdown?

  • A: There can be many reasons as to why one needs health checkup after struggling with coronavirus spread. Some reasons are as follows:
  • To promote better health for a fit lifestyle.
  • Early detection and prevention of diseases.
  • To improve the patient-doctor relationship.
  • To avoid/get rid of dangerous habits such as alcoholism, tobacco addiction, binge eating, and inactivity, etc.
  • To know better about the immune system.

Q- Do healthy individuals also need full body checkup?

A:Whether healthy or unhealthy, medical experts suggest it is necessary to undergo a full body checkup every year for all the individuals. If you are healthy, chances are your doctor will take a more selective approach to prevent diseases for particular areas, rather than recommending you a full health checkup.

Q- What should you expect during your health checkup?

A: There are many things for which one must prepare themselves before undergoing a medical exam or full body health checkup in Chennai. It is always better and recommended making a note of the things which may bother you, such as unusual symptoms, healthy body function, your family history of diseases, past medical history, lifestyle information, dangerous habits, etc. You have to be loyal, truthful as well as accurate while giving all this information as your clinical history, physical examination, health checkup composition, etc., everything will be based on this.

Usually, a full body health checkup is the general physical exam, including x-rays, ultrasonography, urine tests, blood tests, lungs test, cardiac tests, etc. One must make sure these tests are carried out in an accredited clinic or laboratory or hospital that has sufficient, necessary tools to carry all these diagnostic tests. Once the results are out, these should be further evaluated by a qualified physician.

Even though medical checkups alone are not necessary to maintain good health, meeting your doctor from time to time is one of the many aspects of maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Along with health checkups, one must also need to inculcate some good habits and practices, which includes a balanced diet, physical exercises as well as the giving up of harmful substances such as tobacco, sugar, salt, alcohol, processed foods, etc.

In today’s date, the concept of regular health checkups is growing day by day. The fact that people are opting for screening even when they are healthy is being appreciated more than ever before. In fact, many schools, colleges, offices, etc., are coming up with the initiative of mandatory health checkups for healthy individuals.

One must understand that good health should not be a new year or birthday or seasonal resolution but a full-time priority. Want to stay off and be less dependent on medication to be healthy?

Start making yourself a priority this 2020.