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Importance of regular health checkup

People who visit a doctor can be divided into three categories.

  • People who visit a doctor only after experiencing inexplicable health concerns.
  • People who visit a doctor for follow up care for a chronic illness.
  • People who visit a doctor regularly as a routine follow-up to keep their health under control.

People who come under the third category are rare. People prefer to visit a doctor only when they are unwell or when their health problem becomes worse. If they go for a regular full body health checkups, many diseases can be prevented. There is a wise saying that your body is a temple and you should take good care of it while you are healthy. People who want to stay off medication and be healthy they keep their health status in check. Whole Body Health checkup includes three important things

  • Counseling
  • Immunization
  • A physical examination as per the age and gender of the patient.

Let’s solve some of the queries to have a better understanding of the importance of regular health checkups.

Why should you go for annual health check-ups?

While you grow old, with each passing year you develop some health complications. A full-body routine checkup assesses your general health and prevents you from bigger health issues. These regular health checkups enable your doctor to track your health status and diagnose potential problems in their beginning stages. Therefore, you can start your treatment while your health issue is mild. Some diseases show their signs only when they reach to next level, so, it’s very important to have routine body checkup.

Do healthy people need full-body health checkup?

Diseases can occur to anyone at any time whether you are a healthy or unhealthy person. It is recommended to all go for a full-body health check on a yearly basis.

What to expect during health check-ups?

Here is a list of things you can expect at a health check-up

  • Your doctor will take note of previous preventive measures such as immunization and cholesterol levels, and update your medical record regularly for future reference at each health check-up.
  • Your doctor will ask you about the family history of diseases, as he will have a clear idea about the diseases that are hereditary in your family.
  • All your past medications and medical procedures like surgeries will be reviewed.
  • Your doctor will ask for your lifestyle information as it lays a massive impact on your health.
  • You will be asked for a few habits like smoking, drinking alcohol, or taking drugs.
  • The doctor will take note of your normal body function information such as sleeping, eating, bowel movements, hearing, vision, etc.

Which tests make up a full-body health check-up?

  • General physical exam
  • Blood tests and haemogram to detect infections, anemia, or onset of other diseases
  • Lipid profile to assess cardiovascular risk
  • Liver function tests
  • Kidney function tests
  • Blood sugar levels test to identify diabetes or pre-diabetes
  • Chest x-ray to diagnose the chest and the organs located in the area
  • ECG to determine the heart rate and uniformity of heartbeat
  • Urine examination

Bottom line

Regular full body checkup is your weapon to detect disease and stop letting it do its dirty work in silence. Getting checked periodically is not just about preventing diseases but to also maintain the health optimally.

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