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Is heart disease your family history?

Then you're most likely prone to have heart disease in the long run. Cardiovascular diseases occur when the heart doesn't get oxygen and blood in an appropriate amount for its functions. Cholesterol level plays a crucial role in heart diseases. If you visit one of the best cardiologist in Chennai, then he will also ask you to control the cholesterol level. Prevention is always better than cure. Here are the simple tips to keep the cholesterol level just right.

1. Know your Cholesterol:

Did you know that Cholesterol can be good as well as bad? The first thing is to know about what kind of Cholesterol you're having. If you have bad Cholesterol, then it can create plaque in the walls of arteries that can block the passage of oxygen to the heart. It can put you at the risk of heart stroke. Bad Cholesterol is called LDL, which occurs due to overeating saturated fat. Animals are the primary source of saturated fat.

2. Quantity matters:

Quantity is equally important as what you eat. It really matters in Cholesterol. A handful of eatables is the simple measurement for your meals. Be it fruits, dry fruits, cooked vegetables or rice; remember the quantity should fix in your cupped hand.

3. Omega 3 rich diet

Fish is the rich source of omega 3 fatty acid. If you're a vegetarian, then you can go for chia seeds, hump seeds, kidney beans, olive oils and more. Omega 3 cuts the bad Cholesterol. So, try to add these items in your daily diet.

4. Add whole wheat in your breakfast:

Idli, brown rice, poha, and porridge are good options for breakfast. They keep you full for long, and you don't feel hungry before lunch. It keeps you away from overeating.

5. Nuts:

A handful of almond, apricot, and pistachio are healthy snacks. They keep you energetic, full day long. Nuts are the rich source of monounsaturated fat. It lowers the bad Cholesterol and leaves only good Cholesterol.

6. Harmless carbs:

Choose your carb intake wisely. White potato, white bread and refined flour increase the bad Cholesterol. On the other hand, whole wheat, brown rice, and lentils are the simple carbs that increase good Cholesterol. These food items lower the sugar level and satiate hunger for a long time. They also keep you away from overeating.

7. 30 minutes for self-care:

In today's busy life; it's challenging to spare some time for self-care. But, only 30 minutes can do wonders for you. Add a 30 minutes workout in your daily routine, and Cholesterol will say bye to you. Exercises or physical activities open the clogged arteries and help the heart to function well.

8. Have a check on weight:

Controlling weight is the key to preventing heart diseases. Losing belly fat increases your good fat and lowers the bad fat. Regularly check your weight if it's according to the BMI calculator. Always manage to keep a healthy weight.

9. Visit your health provider regularly:

If you're already having cholesterol problems then visiting one of the best cardiologists in Chennai is a-must. Your cardiologist can track health status and take some essential steps, if required.